Main Street

Canton, CT

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Welcome to Collinsville Historic Section of Canton, CT

Main Street

Canton, CT

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More about Collins

Collinsville is located along the banks of the Farmington River, in the southeast corner of the Town of Canton, bordered by the towns of Avon, Farmington and Burlington.

In 1826, Samuel Watkinson Collins, age 24, his brother David, age 21, and their wealthy cousin, William Wells purchased a sawmill property along the Farmington River and began mass producing quality axes and selling them worldwide.

Past meets present

The former Valley House Hotel, on the corner of Main and River Street, has been converted to condominiums. The storefronts and homes in Collinsville retain their early 20th century charm.


The former rail line, which Sam Collins brought to Town in 1850, has been converted to a walking and biking trail which connects to several area towns.

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